The Best Down Comforter: 8 Top Options For Cold Weather Sleeping

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Have you been searching for the best down comforter to warm those chilly nights? If you’re like me, you had no idea there were so many choices and such a vast price range. I honestly had no idea what I was getting myself into and wished I had done more research.

Down comforters are great to snuggle up with on cold nights. Not only will you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but it also doesn’t hog the bed or ask you to make it a sandwich. So, what are you waiting for?

Sure, down comforters have a reputation for being expensive, but that isn’t true for all of them. That’s when knowing what you’re buying comes in handy.

A little research can help you find the best down comforter for your budget and lifestyle without sacrificing quality.

​Comparison Table

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What Is a Down Comforter?

How would I describe a good down comforter? Just imagine if a cloud had a baby with a marshmallow. Sounds pretty awesome, right? So, what the heck is a down comforter, and why are they so fantastic?

Down comforters are filled with the fluffy material and plumules found beneath duck and geese feathers. Furthermore, down is particularly light and fluffy. That’s what gives the comforter its fluffiness.

Things to Keep in Mind While Purchasing

While purchasing a down comforter isn’t rocket science, there are still a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a down comforter. Not all down comforters have the same thickness, coziness, or durability.

Even if you’re not looking to buy the best down comforter ever, you probably don’t want to waste money on a poorly made one either.

Fill power

When purchasing a down comforter, make sure to check it’s fill power. The number says a lot about the quality of the down feathers used for the duvet.

If you’re unsure where to find the fill power, take a look at the down comforter’s tag. That’s where manufacturers typically put that information.

What’s fill power? Fill power is how they measure the “fluffiness” of down products. When the fill power is higher, it signals that they use a more abundant, better quality down. Furthermore, a higher rating also lets the buyer know that it’s even more breathable and lighter.

500 to 600

If you live where the temperature rarely drops below freezing, then this is probably the perfect fill power for you. Comforters with a 500 to 600 fill power are considered good quality. That’s perhaps what I would need here in Florida since it’s such a warm climate.

600 to 700

Comforters with this fill power are regarded as excellent quality. They provide optimal warmth and are great for chilly nights. A fill power of 650 or higher would probably be too warm if you keep your thermostat at 70 degrees Fahrenheit or above.


If sleeping on a cloud of fluffiness sounds amazing, then you’ll love a fill power of 700 and higher. Keep in mind, though, this kind of quality will come at a price.

Goose down gets collected from geese kept for breeding purposes. This down is rare because it’s only collected when these geese are molting. These fluffy comforters are best for cold climates.

Type of down

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Synthetic materials come close to imitating down. Unfortunately, it fails to duplicate all its qualities completely. Down that is collected from the underbelly of a well-aged duck or goose is considered high quality.

That is in part due to feathers from young birds easily breaking and having a low fill power.

Goose down

Generally, goose down is used in high-end comforters so expect to pay a pretty penny. Typically, down lovers don’t mind paying extra for goose down. That’s because down from geese creates a higher fill because of their more massive down clusters.

After all, they are larger sized birds. Keep in mind that a higher fill produces a higher warmth level for those cooler nights.

Duck down

Duck down is more accessible than those of geese. That’s mostly in part to the higher population of ducks. Using duck down helps keep the product more affordable because the product is less expensive.

Duck down is a bunch of smaller clusters, so it has a lower fill power. That makes it less filled and perfect for warmer temperatures.

Gray vs. white

There are different colors of feathers. However, it does not affect quality. Both gray and white down is very similar in quality. White is considered premium because of its ability to blend better with many other materials.

Warmth level

Remember, down comforters have different warmth levels. You’ll want to choose a down comforter with a warmth level suitable for the temperature in your bedroom.

The warmth level can be partially identified by the fill power, even though it’s not the only factor. The quantity of down used inside a down comforter will affect the warmth more than its fill power.

Thread count

I was never one to pay attention to thread count, but if you’re looking to buy a quality down comforter, it’s a must. Thread count refers to the number of threads used per square inch of fabric. If you want soft, cozy bedding, then you’ll want to look for one with a higher thread count.

Comforters made from high-quality cotton tends to have a 250 thread count or higher. However, you’re crossing into luxury territory when you hit thread counts of 400 or higher.


Understanding the construction and design of the down comforter is also an essential factor when choosing one. The structure and design affect the warmth distribution of the comforter.

Since down comforters are all about warmth and coziness, I’d say construction plays a big part in making the best down comforter.

Without proper construction, down can slip into the corners or edges of the comforter. Insulation is then moved away from the center, causing the heat to be trapped furthest away from the body.

Specific designs are used to keep down in place, so there is even warmth distribution no matter how much you move around at night.

Diamond box, baffle box, and box design are all commonly used designs. These three do a great job ensuring the down doesn’t clump up or slip down into the corners.

If I were looking for the best down comforter, I might lean more towards a baffle box design. Not only does it hold the down in place well, but it also allows for more fluffiness.

How We Reviewed the Best Down Comforter

Expert opinions from Good Housekeeping and companies such as Crane and Canopy were taken into consideration when compiling our list for the best down comforter.

We also took special features into consideration, such as loops for duvet attachment, design and color availability were also taken into consideration.

Top 8 Picks for Best Down Comforter

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Are you thinking about purchasing a down comforter, but fill power and types of stitching leaving you baffled? No worries. Below is a list of our top eight picks for best down comforter in no particular order.


​Premium APSMILE Goose Down Comforter

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Wow! According to the manufacturer, this APSMILE Goose Down Comforter is made from premium white goose down filling. They also state that it has a 650+ high fill power, perfect for providing medium warmth.

The manufacturer states the shell itself is 100 percent cotton and has a 1200 thread count per SQ DM. A baffle box design was used to ensure lightweight and softness. Thanks to the eight corner tabs, this can also attach to a duvet cover easily.

If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be happy to know that the product arrives in cotton packaging designed as a reusable travel tote.


  • ​True to size
  • ​Organic cotton
  • ​Has attachments for duvet cover
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Reasonably priced


  • ​Not as fluffy as the picture
  • ​Material is a little noisy
  • ​Hard to clean


Egyptian Bedding Siberian Goose Down Comforter

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Talk about luxurious, this luxurious goose down comforter seems fit for a king or a queen according to the company. Not only does the manufacturer claim this down comforter has a cover made of 100 percent Egyptian cotton, but a 1200 thread count as well.

The company claims that they make it with white goose down and it has a fill power of 750+. The manufacturer also used a premium baffle box design to ensure a higher loft and lots of warmth. That seems like it would come in handy on a cold winter’s nights.


  • ​Great Value
  • ​Available in full/queen/king
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​Double-needle stitching


  • ​Not as fluffy as picture
  • ​HIgher in price


Royal Bedding King Size Down-Comforter

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Royal Bedding states that their down comforter has a medium warmth level and perfect is all year round. Bedding sizes appear to run big. Personally, I enjoy oversized bedding to cut down on comforter hogging.

The manufacturer claims this down comforter has a 750+ fill power with a 500 thread count. They also state that their down is hand-harvested and a mix of white down and small down feather.

The company uses a baffle box design to help avoid the down from shifting to the outer ends of the comforter.


  • ​Comfortable
  • ​Very warm
  • ​Light weight
  • ​Reasonably priced


  • ​Customers state it leaks
  • ​Not durable


Eddie Bauer Luxury White Goose Down Comforter

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No products found.

According to the manufacturer, this down comforter has white goose down. Additionally, this Eddie Bauer down comforter has a 700 fill power, perfect for cooler nights.

The manufacturer uses a 370 thread count batiste cotton to make the shell. I’m also lead to believe that it has good structure since the company claims the comforter is machine washable.

Furthermore, the company states they make their product in the USA using imported materials.


  • ​Made in the USA
  • ​Nice and full
  • ​Authentic baffle box stitching according to feedback
  • ​Oversized


  • ​Can faintly see some dark feathers
  • ​Noisy


ROSECOSE Lightweight Goose Down Comforter

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ROSECOSE is another option for the best down comforter. The company states that their comforter shell is 100 percent cotton and has a 1200 Thread Count. Also, the manufacturer claims that this down comforter has a 750+ fill power.

The manufacturer describes this comforter as luxurious. They also claim that this product has a warmth level perfect for year-round use.


  • ​Not too noisy per customers
  • ​Fluffs up in a couple of days
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Reasonably priced


  • ​Customers state it seems harsh for 1200TC
  • ​Feedback states quality has gone down
  • ​Leaks


SNOWMAN White Goose Down Comforter

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No products found.

According to the manufacturer, this white goose down comforter is both breathable and warm. They also state their down comforter shell is 100 percent cotton.

Its baffle box construction holds the goose down in place, allowing the down to expand to its maximum loft. Also, the loftiness will help retain warmth level. Unfortunately, the description does not state the fill power.


  • ​Anti-mite
  • ​Hypo-allergenic
  • ​Baffle box design
  • ​Treated for softness
  • ​Available in other colors


  • ​Not as fluffy as pictures per customers
  • ​Noisy


L LOVSOUL Goose Down Comforter

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No products found.

Right off the bat L LOVSOUL comes off as a very environmentally conscious company. The manufacturer claims that their down is authenticated with IDFL, Down Pass, and Oeko-Tex.

Furthermore, they go on to discuss reducing your carbon footprint and household carbon emissions.

They also claim their down comforter has a 700+ fill power enclosed in a 100 percent Egyptian cotton fabric. It has a thread count of 1200 as well.

L LOVSOUL describes the product as being “exceptionally lofty.”


  • ​100 percent money-back guarantee within 30 days
  • ​Very poofy
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Warmth level as expected
  • ​Baffle box stitching


  • ​Dry clean and air dryDry clean and air dry
  • ​Customer claims tag says “down and some down-like material”


Alanzimo Goose Down Comforter

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No products found.

Alanzimo describes this down comforter as cozy and fluffy, but light enough for the warmer months. People refer to this as an all-season comforter.

According to the company, their king measures 106 inches by 90 inches, while the queen measures 90 inches by 90 inches, and the full is 68 inches by 90 inches. Alanzimo also claims the fabric is 100 percent cotton and has an ultra-soft 1200 thread count.


  • ​Comes in grey and white
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Customer
  • ​Loops for duvet attachment


  • ​Dry clean only
  • ​Not as full according to some reviewsNot as full according to some reviews
  • ​Several customers described as poor quality

Take Your Sleep to the Next Level

Whether you’re looking for softer bedding or a thick comforter to keep you warm, a down comforter might be just what you need.

Remember, not all down comforters are identical. So, you’ll want to pay attention to the tags and description. Hopefully, our top eight picks help you choose one that’s best for you.

Do you own a down comforter? Drop a comment below and tell us your top pick for best down comforter.

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