Nectar Mattress Review: A Great Investment for Your Sleep

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Did you know we humans spend a third of our lives in bed? That’s an excellent reason to get a top-tier mattress by scouring the internet for the perfect Nectar mattress review.

Without quality sleep every night, the other two-thirds of your life wouldn’t be worth living. But the right mattress could make all the difference.

The right mattress provides proper support for your body whiles you sleep. That way, you can always start your day without aches and pains. So before you decide to buy a Nectar mattress, review as much information as you can. Picking the perfect mattress is essential for a good night’s sleep.

There’s been a lot of rave over memory foam mattresses in recent times. And several people have sworn that these mattress types are the reason they started enjoying their sleep again.

But is Nectar the memory foam mattress for you?

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Nectar Mattress Review: What You Should Know

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Nectar is a mixed foam mattress produced by Nectar Sleep. Launched only in 2016, the company has become one of the world’s most popular online mattress brands in the United States. They sell about 1,000 mattresses a day in the U.S.

Nectar is the flagship product of Nectar Sleep. It combines thick layers of memory foam with a breathable base for deep pressure relief.

The mattress is made up of four distinct layers. They include a top layer of quilted gel memory foam, a layer of gel memory foam, a layer of adaptive memory foam, and a base layer of breathable poly-foam. This combination offers a medium-firm feel. It also provides the sort of support that prevents you from sinking inside the mattress.

Furthermore, the mattress contours naturally to your body shape to help reduce pressure points on your body for a more comfortable sleep.

This mattress is truly versatile enough to accommodate any sleeping position.

The company offers a 365 day free trial period, allowing you to try the mattress risk-free for an entire year.

The Nectar offers excellent value for money. So if you’re searching for an affordable bed built with quality materials, your quest can end with this Nectar mattress review.

Key features of the Nectar

Let’s examine some key features the Nectar has to offer.

Motion Isolation

The mattress’s several memory foam layers function as a unit to prevent the transfer of motion throughout the bed. That way, neither you nor your partner’s rest will be affected by either’s movement.

Edge Support

A mattress with excellent edge support allows you to enjoy its edges almost as comfortably as its middle section.

However, edge support isn’t exactly the strongest feature of bed-in-a-box models.

Nonetheless, thanks to its solid base layer, the Nectar offers much more edge support when compared to similar memory foam mattresses.


The Nectar has a medium-firm feel which is neither too soft nor too hard.

The top layer of the mattress provides a soft, comfortable feel while the support layers beneath give firmer support below.

Heat Retention

The Nectar is designed to combat heat retention through its comfort layers of gel-infused and quilted memory foam. They allow for better air circulation than traditional foam mattresses.

Therefore, your bed will be kept cool throughout the night.

Tencel Cooling Cover

The Tencel cover of the Nectar provides a soft, cool surface for a comfortable feel to the body.

For those who struggle with their body temperature whiles in bed, Tencel offers maximum breathability and coolness.

What’s more, Tencel protects your mattress from bedbug infiltration.

Quilted Gel Memory Foam

Next is a 1-inch high layer of quilted gel memory foam that also possesses breathable airflow channels.

The quilted pockets of this layer add a higher level of comfort and cushion for the sleeper. At the same time, it’ll contour perfectly to your body. It’ll also provide excellent pressure relief to the right spots throughout the body.

Gel Memory Foam

Following the layer of quilted gel memory foam is a 3-inch layer of pure gel memory foam. This layer cools and distributes the sleeper’s body weight evenly throughout the mattress.

Adaptive High Core Memory Foam

Next is a 0.5-inch thick layer of adaptive memory foam. The adaptive memory foam adapts to the sleeper’s specific body type. It also conforms to the sleeper’s body for maximum comfort and stability.

Breathing Base Layer

The final layer of the Nectar is a 5.5-inch breathable base layer of dense memory foam.

This layer also provides a stable foundation, supporting the entire mattress, including the layers that your body rests on.


When first taken out of their packaging, most memory foam mattresses emit a temporary odor known as “off-gassing.”

Thankfully, even though the Nectar does give off a slight odor upon removal, it is barely noticeable. Plus, the smell quickly dissipates within a short period.


Nectar offers a lifetime warranty on their mattresses, which they term as their “Forever Warranty.” The warranty works in such a way that Nectar will replace a defective mattress of yours at no cost during the first 10 years.

After ten years, however, you may have to contribute to the transportation fees to have your mattress repaired or replaced. The charge is nothing expensive. Sometimes, these transport charges may even be set aside if the mattress is deemed defective.

What Do Users Think?

Investing in a superior mattress means investing in your health. Thus, for this Nectar mattress review, we thought it’d beneficial for you to know what customers think of the bed.


On Nectar, the Nectar mattress review has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 stars.

The reviews are mainly positive, with customers expressing untold admiration for the product. Many buyers praise how comfortable the mattress is. One customer likes how soft and yet supportive the bed is.

Others say it’s the best mattress they’ve ever slept on. Some even praise the mattress for alleviating their back pain. Dozens of customers recommend the product.

Consumer Reports

The Nectar mattress review on Consumer Reports has an overall rating of 2.6 out of 5.0 stars. Several customers are pleased with the mattress. They say it is very comfortable and firm. For one customer, the mattress prevents the movement of the partner from disturbing her sleep.

Another buyer also likes how well the mattress retains its shape regardless of body weight. Other customers also say the mattress has the best warranty despite being very affordable.

Some buyers find the mattress to be too firm. Others also claim the mattress does little to ease back pain. However, the pet peeve of several customers is poor customer service.

Nectar Mattress Review: Pros and Cons

Our Nectar mattress review will be incomplete if we don’t touch on both the mattress’s desirable as well as not-so-desirable features.


  • Excellent motion isolation
  • 365-night sleep trial and low-cost lifetime warranty
  • Decent edge support
  • Very affordable


  • Only a single firmness level
  • Poor customer service

How We Reviewed

We notably scoured the internet for crucial details on the product from every professional Nectar mattress review we could set sight on.

We also made use of the Nectar website for essential information regarding the features of the mattress. For reviews from customers, we still used the Nectar website and independent website, Consumer Reports.

Our Nectar mattress review also pitted the bed against equally top players in the memory foam mattress industry.

Nectar Mattress Review: Comparable Brands

Many customers love the Nectar to a fault. And it certainly does hold its own in the memory foam mattress industry. However, there are other equally top memory foam mattresses it competes with.

To present you with an accurate Nectar mattress review, we examined some of the top brands rubbing shoulders with Nectar. That way, you can compare and get a clear picture of what Nectar offers

Leesa Mattress

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Leesa mattress is a mixed foam mattress produced by Leesa company in the United States. Launched in 2014, Leesa was part of the very first companies that sold their mattresses direct to customers and exclusively online.

The 10-inch mattress is made up of a total of three layers. The first layer is a 2-inch breathable Avena foam designed to keep you cool throughout the night. The second layer is a 2-inch-thick memory foam that provides contour to the body.

The final layer is the support layer, which is 6-inch thick and made of dense core foam. It is responsible for the overall stability and durability of the mattress.

Just like the Nectar, Leesa mattress has a medium-firm feel and feels more supportive than other brands.

The Leesa also does a splendid job with edge support. Due to how firm it is, you can lie or sit on the mattress’s edge in full confidence without feeling as if it’s going to make you fall off.

Like the Nectar, the Leesa can absorb the movement of the sleeper to minimize motion transfer.

The Leesa doesn’t “sleep hot” as several memory foam mattresses do. Though the Leesa mattress has no unique built-in cooling structures, its three-layer design allows for maximum air circulation. That way, heat is always drawn away from the sleeper.

The Leesa mattress does give off a bit of an odor when unboxed. However, the smell doesn’t last for long and should dissipate within 48 hours.

Leesa offers a 10-year limited warranty on each of their mattresses.

On Amazon, Leesa mattress has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.


  • Very supportive
  • Superior edge support
  • Stays cool


  • Odor when unboxed
  • Foam softens after a few months of use

The Casper Mattress

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The Casper mattress is a mixed foam mattress designed by Casper. Launched only in 2014, Casper has become one of the most distinguishable names in the bed-in-a-box industry.

The 12-inch mattress is made up of a total of four layers. The first is a layer of “open-cell” foam which is 1.5 inches thick. The second layer is a 1.5-inch thick memory foam layer. A transition layer of a 1.5-inch thick poly-foam makes up the third layer.

Finally, an additional 7-inch thick poly-foam makes up the base layer that provides support for the entire mattress.

Like both the Nectar and Leesa mattresses, the Casper mattress only offers one firmness level. Thus, the mattress has a medium-firm feel.

The Casper mattress scores well in terms of edge support because of its high-density foam and durable support layer.

In terms of motion isolation, the layers of the mattress perform very well to prevent the transfer of movement.

Casper claims their mattress also doesn’t “sleep hot.” Due to its open-cell latex foam comfort layer, the mattress allows sufficient air circulation. That way, body heat is prevented from being trapped in the foam. However, some customers said otherwise.

When first unpackaged, the mattress releases an odor. Nonetheless, this smell doesn’t last for long and should dissipate in a few days.

Casper backs this mattress with a 100-night sleep trial as well as a 10-year limited warranty.

On Amazon, the Casper mattress has an overall rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.


  • Great for people who like a softer bed
  • Effortless setup
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Strong chemical smell
  • Sleeps very hot
  • One firmness level

BedStory 12 Inch Lavender Memory Foam Mattress

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BedStory manufactures the BedStory Lavender memory foam mattress. This online company has been making premium mattresses for more than three and a half decades.

The 12-inch mattress is made up of a total of three layers including a 2.5-inch pure memory foam layer, a 7-inch air-circulation foam layer, and a 2-inch high-density support foam layer.

This mattress strikes a decent balance between firmness and softness. The BedStory Lavender does come with a bit of sinkage and may not be ideal for the stomach sleeper.

The bed also has decent edge support and holds its shape very well at the sides.

When it comes to motion isolation, the mattress does a superb job in absorbing the movement of the sleeper.

The mattress doesn’t “sleep hot” due to its breathable cover, which wicks away moisture from the body. It also helps keep the sleeper cool and comfortable.

The mattress comes with a sweet lavender smell you’d love. Though it’s likely to give a bit of odor after unboxing, that smell is barely noticeable because of the infused Lavender essential in the mattress.

BedStory offers a 10-year warranty for the mattress.

The product has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon.


  • Very comfortable
  • Affordable price
  • Wicks away moisture


  • Size inconsistencies reported
  • Lavender smell can be overwhelming for some
  • Some complaints of the bed being too firm

Will the Nectar Make Your Sleep Sweet?

White mattress

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If you’re looking for a pressure-relieving mattress with a classic memory foam feel that will keep you comfortable, then the Nectar is your safest bet. Our Nectar mattress review showcases the best value for money mattress that users exalt for comfort, value, and quality.

Also, the four foam layers of the mattress interact well to create a luxurious sleeping experience for most sleepers. If you’re a back or side sleeper, this mattress may be perfect for you. For stomach sleepers, it may feel quite soft.

The bed is also wrapped in a soft, breathable cover that can wick heat away and keep the bed cool for your comfort. Plus, the cover is resistant to bugs so you can sleep with peace of mind. If you want to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, look nowhere else.

Overall, the Nectar is a high-quality luxury foam bed that offers you excellent value for money.

What kind of mattress do you currently use? Does it help for a good night’s rest? We’d love to hear all about its features in the comments section below.

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